The Terrifying Journey

Date: 8/4/2019

By Alicja

Basically, me and Gaytri were on this journey from one of my grandma's to the others house. We were taking some kind of shortcut tho. We went through it before in another dream that I didn't write as it felt familiar. First we were walking through this grassy area until we reached a gate and had to got some reason take off our shoes. I did but then I forgot them so I went back a little but I saw a lady hiding in one of the bushes looking at us. I was freaked out so I told Gaytri to hurry up as I didn't want her to catch up with us. Then we carried on walking through this place with loads of trees and stuff until we reached a tall gate and there was a different lady approaching us on a horse. I jumped over the gate with a run up like it was high jump. Then I was on the same side as her and she started shooting using this weapon which shooted out something like needles so I hid behind a tree, one hit me but it didn't really hurt. We were then somehow all in my grandma's front garden which is quite big. Me and Gaytri were at the back and the horse lady was in the middle. Suddenly, the creepy lady that was following us ( I also saw her following us and hiding more than once). She basically ran into the garden and stood next to Gaytri and I was trying to hide behind a tree just in case but Gaytri was getting distracted as she was talking to the horse lady. I saw the creepy lady getting out some scissors which scared me so I pulled her out of the way and then she started chasing after us. She was then chasing after me as I was closer and I wanted to go through this gate in my grandma's garden to the area that has loads of plants but then for some reason Ellin was there in front of the entrance so I quickly opened the entrance and told Ellin to get in as I didn't want her to get stabbed but she wasn't even moving or talking so I got in there first and then everything froze and my dream ended. ( so I'm guessing Ellin got stabbed )