Beautiful and frightening.

Date: 3/21/2019

By Timetraveler

I was in a place that looks like the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I was traveling on a machine that hasn’t been built in this time or place. The colors were 10 times more brilliant and the birds flowers and water was a stunning sight. I became aware of my self and others while riding on this machine that looked like a colorful circle with the center cut out in order for you to dangle your feet inside of the ride and balance yourself. There was no bars to hold on to, you just sat there and relax while it moved. It looked like a really big doughnut. But made out of a fiberglass material. It was like going for a really fun Sunday ride, with no cares in the world. On my right was a woman who I must have known because we were having a very nice conversation. The sights were breathtaking. After a while I noticed that I was riding over a body of endless water and I became aware that there was nothing to keep me from falling into this water. I stated gripping the thing that I was riding on but to my dismay it was very shiny and had nothing to hold. I decided to try to used my legs to hold on to the seat but to no avail. My companion noticed my frantic panicked look and try to reassured me in a kind loving voice that it was going to be ok. I was scared witless, I told her I wanted them to stop the transportation and and let me down, she said I was just to try and relax and take some deep breaths. I could not do it, I just wanted to get down. The others who were riding along didn’t seem to notice my dilemma, they just kept chattering gaily along. All of a sudden the ride stopped and because I was trying to hold on so tightly I fell in the water throw the middle. I was trying not to fight it. I hit the water and started sinking. The next thing I knew I was separated from my body. I just walked right out of the water onto the shores and looked backwards to see what they were doing with my body. There were several people attempting to get me out of the water and several others gathered on the shore to look or help, I don’t know which. I was very happy when my body finally reached the shores and they started CPR. After several try’s to no avail they said I was dead. I was shouting, no I’m not dead, I’m right here, please don’t stop, please try again, please help me, over and over again. Sobbing very loudly, running up to people and asking them to help me. No one seemed to be able to see me but that didn’t stop me from trying. Finally when they were not doing anything else to my body I tried to get back in. I laid on top of my body and tried to press myself inside, I tried several times but it didn’t work, I cried for help but again no one heard me I laid beside my body and cried loudly, looking around for help, I noticed one woman in the crowd looking straight at me with a very benevolent expression on her face and I thought maybe she can see me and I would get some help. I walked up to her and said hello I don’t mean to bother you but can you please help me. I thought she looked very familiar but in my grief I could only feel sorrow for myself. She answered and said I have already helped you, you can’t hold onto something so tightly that you are afraid to let go, life is meantime be lived, enjoyed , experience, not held on so tightly that you are afraid to swim. I told you to enjoy the ride but you did not. You were too afraid. I said I understand now, so could you please help me to get back in my body so I can do it. She said in the same kindly voice, no my dear, this life is over, it’s time to move on to your next life. I told her I didn’t want a next life, I liked this one just fine and all she had to do was help me back in my body. She gently put her hand on my shoulder and turned me away from my body and said. It’s over, now go live your next life. I awoke with a startlingly right from my alarm. I was very happy to be alive. I don’t know what this dream means..... but if anyone does, leave me a text. Thanks