Werewolf with friends

Date: 5/2/2019

By xCaligo

Tristen eli and I were driving through the countryside down dirt roads in Tristens van we eventually made it back to tristens house or something and he whipped out this bubble blower pipe thing but then started vaping with it instead of blowing bubbles. Tristens mom told us they were going out and to not do anything stupid. I was about take a hit(?) of what ever he was vaping. But stop and was like nah I don’t really need to. The three of us walked off into the woods by this house, ehich didn’t resemble tristens at all. I’m not sure why we left but it was if we were playing survivor or sinething because we didn’t bring anything with us but were still trying to find things along the way. We came across a group of dilapidated cabins the front was boarded up on the first one we saw but we knew someone was in there. We walke around the side and there was a basket of scrap metal that I found a couple spikes. They were the same length as the ones on a railroad but much pointier and looked like fangs. I gave one to tristen and eli got a pipe. Tristen knocked on the back door and we were about to leave when this grungy looking overalled man came out he was heavy set and slightly taller than me like 6’2 6’3 and had a messy beard. Tristen asked if he had any clean water or something to boil it in and the guys back and comes back out with this thick metal bucket of boiling water. he trys to splash it on us and we turn and bolt. I found a bucket of paint that was empty but still had a residue. We could just boil water in that if we needed to. We come to a clearing and the same guy from the water is there and he is a werewolf and he is trying to bite us. Eli and I somehow managed to pin him to the ground and Tristen comes out with a giant double bladed axe to decapitate him. It just bounces off and leaves a small dent. After a few more swings the wolf head finallly comes off and we are momentarily releived. The were wolf then starts to get back up without its head