Afterlife/other dimensional traveling

Date: 7/23/2017

By pheeniealexandra

It started off that I was working on a train as a waitress with Mariel. We had weird shift times and we had to learn to serve mimosas while everything was moving. But I liked the job. It was like ten years in the future. Sam Bannon was (not out, but) gay and hitting on Andrew Salisbury on the train. I read his personal notebook somehow and he referenced in a poem that he had an older face like his brother and he would attempt to hit on him using intelligence as the key, like Steven had appreciated. But Sam kept hitting on me and Ally/Mariel too just bc he just wasn't comfortable in his sexuality. And then I was at this dinner and it was hosted by the train station so I had to help serve and stuff but my nose ring was illegal so I had to hide that. And then I was walking along a soccer field with someone, my old coach from high school maybe, until I reached this arcing piece of architecture across the sky. And I was with Alex. We were on top of it, it was crystal clear blue ocean water with beach edging either side. It was about eight feel across and Alex danced along the edge too haphazardly for me as she talked of how we should be able to run along the beach whenever we wanted. I was afraid to fall off. Go back to our youth. And we walked for what seemed to be awhile and we were alone up there. Also I was aware of stuff happening on earth at the train station and such. At the end of this bridge of beach was a pink semi flashing kind of moving, slightly translucent hole about six and a half feet above us. like a time warp, or dimensional hole. I was not as afraid anymore. We jumped up and were engulfed in it. Traveling fast in what felt like a downward motion. It stopped, I was with Mariel and hannah at the cove, a cliff jumping area near me. There was a darker pink dimensional hole right where we would jump into the water. A solidly hot pink small unicorn appeared. We asked it if it was safe to jump, it did not speak but did nod. We held hands and dove in, the unicorn flanking us. We landed in a familiar beach house in a corner upstairs bedroom. In the middle of the night. We were in the afterlife section of the universe, everything was bathed in twilight. I was slightly afraid. I saw Linda in our realm confused, I suppose dead, wandering the halls. As I walked down the upstairs hallway two doors across from one another were open. Out of the left came this little girl, she was still young enough to see me in my true form. I held my finger up to my lips and motioned her on. She ran to the door on the right where I could hear her parents murmuring. As I glanced in as I passed they didn't notice me at all, being unable to see the area I was. I descended the stairs at the end of the hallway, Mariel was exploring more and Hannah was kind of following me. The stairs opened up into a living room. The tv is on and I glance to see who is watching. It's xavier, ten years older, alone, looking semi defeated and definitely sad. He was wearing a green drug rug hoodie with the hood up and he was smoking something. As soon as I saw him I started sobbing. I ran to him, he couldn't see or hear me but he could sense me. As I saw him I was reminded of the last time we were together, which maybe wasn't even the life I was living at this moment. But sometime in our past we had been in the afterlife together, whether dead or just traveling, and Xavier had wanted to stay there forever, living eternity out with me. I chose not to, and convinced us to choose life. I grabbed his arm, heavily landing on my knees and throwing my body into his lap, and he looked directly at me where I knew he couldn't see me through the shadows of the realm, but he knew who it was. He knew how I felt. And he knew why I was crying. He looked weary, explaining to me that this is why he wanted to stay together, that being apart was too much of an emotional strain on us, and we needed the other. He reminded me that I had chosen to go back, that he had wanted to stay. His soul remembered this past life together, knowing that he was missing something in this life. I was still sobbing when I woke up.