Cobble stone streets with a hint of danger

Date: 3/4/2017

By Paris1107

I'm walking down a sidewalk with my wife and youngest child. It's a beautiful day. I notice the majestic clouds and ancient cobble stone roadway. When I look ahead again I notice my family is half a block ahead of me on the walk way. So I jog to catch up with them. Something doesn't feel right and I become suspicious of danger lurking. As I'm looking about and keeping an eye out I realize my family got another half a block ahead again. I find this really odd seeing as how they are usually lagging behind me. So again I run to catch up. I want to make sure I am near them to keep them safe. As I'm running to catch up and keeping and eye out for danger I take note of my running. I am running for speed and efficiency. So when I do this I usually wait for my forward leg to hit the ground before powering through the next phase of gait. I'm sailing through the air effortlessly. My forward leg never comes down and I realize I'm dreaming! Not for the fun of it I run like a wild man passing my family. I make it to the end of the road and wave my family forward. I know this is silly because I'm dreaming but I want them to follow me to a courtyard and fly with me. I wait for them and as they join me I tell my wife this is all a dream. I start to fly up, showing off a bit for my family when my alarm wakes me up.