Another Werewolf Dream

Date: 5/19/2019

By Galipsy

I was in the woods with other people I don’t remember. There was a black Wolf that kept trying to get close to the group, but the head lady kept saying that there were no Wolves in the area. It turns out that this Wolf was my brother, and another guy in the group was his best friend. At some point in our past lives as Wolves, some political shit went down within our Pack and me and the best friend were in love, so we left and the brother tried stopping us but we still left anyway. We ended up all the way in India, and from there the guy got caught as a Wolf trying to steal food for us, and then they found out he was a Werewolf so they executed him. I stayed in hiding as a human for the rest of my life, and because of this we both lost our Wolves in the next life. The other Werewolf remembered this, and he was apparently still mad at us, but wanted to talk to us.