War as Katniss

Date: 6/23/2017

By MarlenePsychom

I suddenly went to war. The people who were with me were my friends(Katia, issac)and we were fighting some people who looked like isis. Not sure if it was or not.After a few days of doing that, I wanted to go home. I knew I was gonna get killed. I asked someone how many more days of this and he said "4 more days" I then debated whether I should or shouldn't kill myself. I didn't want to do this war, I didn't want to go back to District 13. I thought "At least mom has Prim" then I told that guy "I have 2 kids" and he was like "what?!Im so sorry" Then I remember me Katia and some other girl were in front of the rest of the military people and when we shouted "THEYRE COMING" they closed the door on us. We had to go hide because isis had already captured some people. I injured my leg(I fell) and went on top of a building where I couldn't see them. I saw another guy on top of another building. I wanted to yell at him but I knew I would get caught and end up dead. The day after, we were doing the same thing then they called a meeting and then Effie came out and said "If you have blonde hair and light eyes, you may come up and go home now" only like two people came up. Then Effie looked at me and said "You're coming too" and I said why and she said "Because you're a victor and are rich" Katia and other people were left behind to fight for a few more days. Then we went to MY actual real life house and those two people and I who were able to go home slept in a small hallway where,in real life, is just one room. It looked like a hallway with a laundry room first then two bedrooms. I got the first bedroom idk why. There was someone who was staying in the other room but I don't remember their face. The room were very tiny. It was like a bathroom sized room with a mattress.