Blow Jobs n' Quarantine

Date: 5/20/2017

By whitetigerkr

I was sitting in a room with some others in my old high school under quarantine. I felt uncomfortable, because we were there indefinitely and had no clue what illness we were being watched for. I thought I'd die in there. I thought I'd get sick in there. So in the middle of the night, after parting with a disapproving friend, I ran out through an unlocked fence. There was a guard dog who began to bark as I ran through a meadow onto a winding path filled with overhanging trees and shrubbery. But he spotted another creature and quickly turned direction. So I ran and I ran, slipping, and ill at ease until I came upon a large tree that opened up into a basin. Somehow I found a hidden room at the top of the tree. There was a lounge there and a couple dozen people who were all being held in secret and were to be transported to another realm. I joined them, half women, half men, all in their twenties. We stayed cramped in a cheap looking hotel. Two of them got in an altercation and one brought out a gun and started shooting haphazardly. Fear kicked in once again, and I ran downstairs, and out of the hotel. Onto the street where I heard commotion and gunfire. I jumped into a car with two men. And so that they wouldn't kick me out, told them I was a prostitute and willing to give them both head at once. I got really horny. Then I saw my mother, who I'd been trying to reach frantically the entire time. She took me in her car and the warmth of safety enveloped me. I felt pure love and hope. She had rescued me.