Date: 2/10/2019

By Lazy

[this could have been last week, I can’t remember.] I literally had a Fortnite Dream. I’m worried that I’m playing too much, but I know that I’m not, because I’m actually kind of behind on the battle pass. It started with me falling out of the battle pass, and I must’ve had a headset or something because I talked more than I felt necessary. I landed between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields [Fatal Fields is my favourite ❤️] and everything was somewhat realistic. It was a cross between our world and Fortnite. It seemed nice at first, but then it started to remind me of PUBG, which is weird because I hate pubg [Sorry bout it 😔🤪] I got one or two kills early on, then started to move to the center. I thought I could see a pterodactyl, which was absurd, and I was running towards the house between Fatal and Salty Springs when someone sniped me.