Celebrities use litter boxes

Date: 3/20/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in the crew of some famous singer (I can't remember who). They said celebrities don't have time to use the bathroom before the show so there was a cat litter box and there was poop in it. My friend Desiree said that the celebrity was arrested for something really bad so she can't show up. I was like oh dang and Desiree was like I will take her place! And she dumped out the litter box and was like should I use this? And I was like no just perform. Desiree turned into a male singer and me, Alexis, Brandon, and someone else were the only people in the crowd. Alexis had a Cinderella gown, I had a tight comfortable dress. We were all twerking and laughing. The music was really good, it sounded like a chill version of glam pop. I remember we all left and then I went to an arcade place with Desiree. I can't remember much else and then I woke up.