Jeep fare

Date: 3/12/2017

By HumptyDumpty

My law school group buddies and I rode a jeep going to somewhere. Because I think I did not want to open my bag, I told them to pay for me first then I'll pay them back the next time we meet. Then we chatted during the trip. When my stop came near (Napocor), I asked who I should pay, and initially thought it was Ivy so I told her, "You paid for me right? so I owe you--" She cut me off and said it was Aive who paid for me. So I told her I'd pay her the next time we meet but for some reason I had money on my hands so before I got off, I gave her the 30PHP (one 20php bill and two 5-peso coins) I had in my hands and told her then I have paid my debt and I don't owe her anything anymore. A few seconds after I got off, as the jeep was starting to gain speed, I was puzzled at why I had 45PHP (two 20php bills and one 5-peso coin) on my hands when I gave Aive all the money in my hands when I left. Before the jeep went away it stopped again and Aive got off and I immediately ran to her and was about to ask her if I gave her 30PHP when she indicated that I did not (by showing me 25php) so I gave her the 5-peso coin. That settled, I thought she'd climb back in the jeep but the jeep left so I asked her, "Isn't this not your stop? What are you going to do here?" She just shrugged and ran towards some benches. I initially thought she knew someone there 'cos she was headed straight for this guy who sat there with his back turned to us but she just stopped and sat there beside a girl who sat beside the guy. That was when my alarm sounded and dream ended.