Boundaries and New Space

Date: 5/22/2017

By Leighz

I am in a new house that my Dad and I have moved into. My room has a door that leads to the backyard (has a small cat-door... a dog could never fit through it). I am anxious about intruders. We have 3 dogs; an all blue/ turquoise dog that looks like a lab ( I feel bad for it, and wonder how long it will live since I know it is genetically modified), a poodle-mix and another smaller dog I believe. I am assessing their protective capabilities. I am exploring our backyard, happy that we have one, and I realize that I cannot tell where our backyard ends and where our neighbor's backyard begins... I walk down a very small slope in our backyard and open (yet somehow simultaneously step over what seems to be a fence but it way to short to be) Something in me realizes that this is where our neighbor's yard begins. As I turn around to leave I am greeted by 4 sheets of paper on a clothing line (in my dream they are people) The first sheet is a picture of a small smiling woman's head, behind that sheet there is the same woman flipping her middle finger up, she is angry. The second sheet is a picture of a smiling man (mind u it looks like an elementary school student drew these), behind that sheet of paper is the same man, drawn with less color, rolling his eyes and seeming to feel indifferent towards the woman.... the double sheeted woman and man make 4 sheets total fyi lol They are a couple. The conversation is short, and they were nice, yet I sense something is off... aside from the fact that I was talking to paper lmao. I am inside assessing our property and realize the foundation is not very solid. The ground by my room is eroding away and I am trying to figure out a way to fix it. At some point a strange man tries to sell us something, my dad ( I think) cusses at him and gets him to leave... At another point in my dream, someone ends up breaking into our house ( of course coming into my room)... and I cannot remember if I directly confronted the robber or imagined doing so in my mind... It seems as if I am preparing for a battle I know I am going to have to face... I am walking through the kitchen, thinking about how if someone broke in I would hide the knives and grab a few that I would either hide behind my back or chuck at him as he enters the door (lol wtf self?!) I am wanting to buy house defense-mechanisms on Amazon. I am a bit uneasy in this new space... as if I do not trust it... I do not feel at home. I am constantly guarded. Constantly anticipating something. Paper people: Represent My ability to see through facades... past inauthenticity. Backyard: represents poor boundaries... Fear of intruder: Very common theme in my dreams... As if I do not trust myself or my space... Weak foundation: Again, poor boundaries, not grounded. Blue Dog: No fricken idea haha!