Date: 11/20/2016

By stefdrms

I was sitting with Danny looking at my nails saying there where chipped and I couldn't believe I have to get them done again I just did them. There was a woman and her daughter sitting across us and he kept looking at her and I was getting annoyed. I went out with this guy that was letting me drive some cars. I remeber getting into a gt3rs and thinking the car was so much more powerful then I am used to driving on the streets. I get off at this grassy area because I notice a school. And I saw my old boss 911. Although he was a nice guy I thought fuck him. I walk around the school and all the sudden it's night and class is out. I see all these girls from a private school I went to in middle school wearing the same uniforms I try to avoid them but they say hello. I remember looking up into the sky and thinking all these tiny lights were aliens. They were fireworks. I see another girl that I try to avoid and she says hello too.