thrift store

Date: 2/28/2017

By druyan

so this was a weird one. tw: guns, cults, child death, gore So this dream was playing out like a movie. im a young kid, 10 years old. I'm in a thrift store that's near my house irl. I look in the mirror and I look completely different. im pale with blonde curly hair. I'm with what appears to be my family. the mother is tired looking, and arguing with either her boyfriend or our step dad? he's also pale with light features, and speaks with a thick accent. there's two other little boys, one is 9, the other 3. there are three other little girls, a 7 year old, a three year old and a baby. we all look different, so I assume we're adopted. the mom and step dad are arguing about something. their relationship looks strained. the 9 year old boy asks the step dad where he is from. he gives the creepiest smile. this is where it gets bad, if you're sensitive stop here. he says "im from Yugoslavia, of course." and that seems to be an activation code for what comes next. he pulls out a shotgun from nowhere and shoots the nine-year-old. men come out from all around the store and also have guns and start shooting. the thrift store is packed with families. I grab the nearest kid, the. three year old girl and book it out the door. I put her behind a dumpster and cover her in cardboard and tell her to stay quiet no matter what. I turn to go. back in and see the nine year old dragging himeself toward me. I run to him and try to drag him behind the dumpster, but his torso pops off and his body splits into 4 pieces. it was horrifying. I comfort him and he dies. i cover my shirt and face in his blood, in case i,havent to play dead. I go back in and get the seven year old and two other random toddlers and put them in the bed of a truck. i turn to look for more and see a little toddler running away from the store. I cautiously try to meet him, but the step dad shoots him in the head. I get away from the truck and play dead. the step dad kicks me to see if I'm dead and says "such a shame" I hear a baby cry and he laughs and walks toward it while reloading his gun. i latch onto his leg, trying to get the gun from him, and right when he shoots me I wake up