Date: 1/27/2017

By vicious_cupcake

I was standing in darkness, yet I felt warm. I opened my eyes but I couldn't move my body, I realized somehow I was seeing things from my guardian's perspective. I just blushed when I realized he was getting up to get ready for his daily life. But my jaw dropped when I saw scars, tons of scars all over his chest. He had never shown this or said anything about it, I knew if I brought it then he would think I was spying on him. But he soon moved in front of a mirror and I saw that he had jet black angel wings on his back, he was a fallen angel. I just stared at his wings, somehow I remember leaning against his chest and his wings wrapped around us in a little cocoon, as he kissed me. Soon he went on with his daily life I saw monsters that I dreamed up as friends long ago. I cried at the sight, they all asked how I was and if one day they might be dreamed up again. He only answered "she will remember you all one day, just keep hope till then" I felt warmth radiate off him. Soon he head to a room that was a little far off, like who's ever room it was they wanted to be alone. Opening the door it was a pure white room with a king sized black canopy bed, black silk curtains hung down from the canopy. When he moved back to curtains I saw my body laying on the bed, I wasn't moving or breathing. Yet somehow I could tell the body was still alive, but the soul was missing. He spoke up in a sad tone as he sat down next to my body. "why do you have to live between worlds? Why can't you stay here with me....you made me for protecting you, for loving you...why do I have to share you with another man from the other world." Reaching over he gently layed his hand on my cheek, "darling, stay with me." I just watched, I didn't what to say. I didn't know if he would hear me if I spoke anyways, I closed my eyes and wished my self back to my body. When I opened my eyes I felt a hand on my cheek. I did it, I was back in my body, I looked up to him and he blushed and pulled his hand away quickly. "Y-your awake...I-I was just checking for a fever" he scratched the back of his neck, embarrassed about that he just said. I just pretend not to know and just smiled to him "It's fine, your said you were my protector so its understandable for you to care for my health." Soon yawning I kind of laughed that my time in this world was ending and that I had to wait till tomorrow night to return here. Laying back down I gently grabed his as I started falling asleep, the last thing I saw was him blush more and gently kiss my forehead.