Dream: Shifters

Date: 5/28/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

    I was in this building with a lot of familiar faces. I was half of a set of twins. My name was unknown for my brother and I were strangers in this place...yet somehow we weren’t. It was as if these people had been expecting us.     Time passed and my brother and I were training. We had figured out that we were both shifters. People who could become any animal they wanted. My brother took on the name Jagger since his main animal of choice was the Jaguar. I took on the name Lupo, the Italian word for wolf. Our trainers were pleased.     More time passed and we were traveling through a city. The whole place was one giant backstreet, if you get what I mean.     “Why are we here?” I whispered.     “We have a client here.” Kiol, one of our trainers, said quietly.     A shiver ran down my spine. That told me that Bert, another shifter, was closeby.     “By client, you mean our next kill right?” Mayv, the final member of our team, said.     “Basically.” Kiol answered as the four of us headed off to our places and scanned the area for our prey.     I’ve a bad feeling sis, I heard Jagger say in my head.     Why? I asked him as I finally caught sight of a young man. He looked vaguely familiar.     Because our prey is the same man who saved our asses three years ago, Jagger said and in my mind’s eye, I could see him nodding to the young man.     From my hiding place I could already hear the others about to shoot this man down. I shifted from human to a huge white wolf and ran towards the man. I could hear the gunshots but they missed their main target.     “What are you?” The man asked as he stared at me.     Jagger, now as a huge black Jaguar, and I had been hit by the bullets. Nothing too serious.     No time. Let’s go, I growled in the man’s head. I knocked him over on top of Jagger so he’d get the idea already.     The man held tight to Jagger as we ran off, with him, and got out of there. I knew though, that the others would indeed hunt us. It was in their nature.     Two weeks went by and we had yet to be found. We could finally get, and give, some answers.     “So, what do you two really look like since I know you aren’t animals.” The man said after having grabbed a couple blankets from a nearby clothesline. Yes, he stole them for us.     I sighed before Jagger and I curled under the blankets. We shifted back to our human forms and wrapped the blankets around ourselves.     “We’re shifters, Aer.” I told him, “Don’t you remember us?”     The man, Aer, stared in disbelief before hugging me close and then doing the same to Jagger.     “It’s been a while, young keys.” Aer said teasingly.     I smiled as Jagger just shook his head and asked, “Why do you call us that?”     Aer looked a bit confused and said, “Because of the key marks on your right forearms.”     Both of us looked and saw what he was talking about. A reddish key was on mine and a greenish key was on Jagger’s.     “The key of life,” Aer said as he pointed to Jagger’s arm, “And the key of destruction.” He pointed to my arm. “It’s an old shifter legend.”     He was about to tell us more but then we got ambushed by our old teammates. We had to fight not only to get free but to live.