The Adele Concert

Date: 2/22/2019

By dreakee

We were flying over different fruit plants. There were grape vines, pomegranate trees, blueberry bushes, etc. I was amazed at all of the fruit. Eventually some birds kind of knocked us down to the ground. I saw my old Bff Sierra and she told me to give her a piggy back ride but there were too many people around us and we got lost. We ended up walking up a hill and seeing all these seats. These little kids from a different group took the closest available seats so I went up further. I saw a seat next to Mark and he looked me in the eyes and told me only important people got to sit there. I went up higher and I sat with about four chairs empty in between me and some other girl. I saw Elena (other old Bff) sitting next to Sierra in those seats next to Mark. The other Ian from my school (teacher’s son) was walking around as Adele came out and began to sing a new song. I began to think about how I didn’t matter and I started crying. I am turned around and gave me a few tissues. He went further back and gave some tissues to someone else who was crying. I didn’t know them. I wondered how he knew I was crying because it was pretty dark in the room. He asked me if I was disrespecting the song and I said no. He asked if someone had hurt me and I said no. I wondered what would have happened if I said yes. He had this beautiful sentimental look in his eyes. Then I woke up.