NYC visit

Date: 8/13/2017

By TinyDreamer

I was visiting NYC and Kristin and Jordan were showing me around. We were riding a chair lift to get around the city and at one point it stopped and we were low to the ground going through a school. Some of the kids were talking to us. When the chairlift started again I had to duck my head down to avoid some tree branches. Then we were in a super market and I was walking with Jordan and it was sparse in there. There was a giant barrel filled with some things in a corner and 2 guys (it reminded me of a mob store) at a booth. We went to pay at a different booth where 2 women were working and Jordan made some cryptic comment I didn't understand. I was about to tell him that he is with Alessa now and things are good, but it made me miss him more. Then we were paying the women and Kristin reminded me that we knew them and I recognized them and said hi. Then we left and were in a small cafe and these 2 model/singers had stopped their show to clean their dresses that they were borrowing. There kept being these moments where I felt like I was looking in on other people's lives. Then we were outside a short brick building and there was a an old wooden school desk and trash they were clearing out. Inside one room of the building was a gallery that had a lot of clown art and I remember thinking this was ray's dads gallery. The other room was a map business and there were maps all over the walls, simple black and white outline maps of the world. I stayed outside for most of the time while they worked. There was a kid there and I and Jordan maybe (can't remember) was hanging out with him. Then we found something in the desk (can't really remember either) but I think it might have been a clown drawing. We took it inside and were talking to rays dad about how clowns were sort of terrifying. At the end we went home and I loved there I guess but it was similar to my condo (in real life) only I didn't have much unpacked and needed to sweep. As I started to do that a GIANT spider the size of a small dog darted out from near the bed. It ran around the room and into the bathroom. I ran into a different room and contemplated what to do about it because I was alone by then. When I finally got the nerve up to check it out it wasn't in the bathroom anymore. But it walked out again from somewhere else and I woke up.