Snow, duels, and boulder hotel

Date: 6/3/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

- Someone said there was snow coming, so I ran in its direction and was greeted by a lovely cold sheet of snow on the ground and blizzard conditions - Then I went back into a cabin-like place, wooden walls and remember seeing that it was a big cabin and farther back there were windows into a bright snowy landscape - Where I stood at the entrance, there were black mats with snow all over them - The people from this previous part were inside to my left - Guy and girl - Both had gear on like video games, like a less cool Destiny bc they weren't as realistic looking and kind of seemed like plastic armor - Put against each other in a match - To be fair, both simply threw fireballs at the other until the other should fall - The fireballs were as strong as the overall character, like their light level - I remember seeing/knowing that the guy's was about 75 while the girl's was about 68 or 70 or 71 - The guy won - It was unfair of them to be put together, some evil guy chose to do that - It happened in an outdoor ring that was a lot like the Cherokee one in the Story of God I was watching yesterday but much smaller - I would hop over the fences a lot - At some point they were made to be barbed wire - But I didn't notice that until a while then I was like "hey, shouldn't those hurt? How come I'm hopping over with such ease?" - The same scene/dream, blending into night - Fancy hotel-like place -Kind of like one of those Disney resorts maybe but much more real nature and landforms - On top of a huge, wet boulder and looking for a place down into the shallow and rocky water below - I was the hero in the story - Two people, a guy on the rock with me - And a girl watching from below where the guy was - Saw some giant thing I could use to get down - Like a giant pillar that was carved like a flamingo - Climbed down, then grabbed it to hide myself as the 'evil uncle' approached - Expected him to be angry but he just laughed - Not sure if it was bc he wasn't evil or bc of how terribly I hid myself, trying to quickly move this now small and light pillar in front of myself - I had fallen into a hallway in which he was already walking in my direction, so he'd seen the whole thing - In the dreamscape, it was like the hallway was underneath the giant boulder