Club/ haunted restaurant/ cops/ fight/

Date: 6/3/2019

By cubharris

In the beginning we were at the club I DJ at. Everyone doing ok and my boss started asking me to do simple task. A friend of his was having a bday and they brought him a cupcake to sing happy birthday. I asked him if he wanted me to make the whole club sing but he said he wanted it to be subtle. As the night went on we were closing down. I went to go change and there was a broken mirror in the bathroom. I changed and walked out . Met up with holly later she left with friends and me and my mom went to go eat at this house that was a haunted restaurant. They had what they called knowledge meals. These meals wrapped up in little pamphlets that showed how to use black magic. I ended up in the alley kindve with my aunt in her car. She had this preworkout powder and gave me a scoop pretending it was coke. I accidentally sniffed it and sneezed and got it all over me. I laughed and decided to send a snap and the cops pulled up in front and it couldn’t have looked any more bad. But they were there for someone else. They came for the girl across The way. And as they went to apprehend the girl she was a big deal. Like really big. The struggle was getting hers the cop car. And as they were struggling. Another girl came at the front of their house as they were getting her from the back and grab my mother and she was spectating. She guided by the neck to choke her out as the other people around her trying to fight her off. The police officer that had her was trying to pull her off. I saw them hoping so I figured they had it under control. When I saw that they didn’t. I went to go help me begin by grabbing the woman’s hair and she let my mom go. But at that moment when she let her go my mom was about to get up and she grabbed her hair. When she grabbed her hair, I in turn, grabbed her hair so hard that she let go and my mom got free then the lady tried to fight me and the police got her. Then I woke up.