Coed Apartment Reporter

Date: 2/18/2019

By PabloPeacocksOh

I had this crazy dream last night, still sticking with me as I lay here trying to sleep now... It starts with me (but not me, like some kind of Peter Parker/Clark Kent version of me) already in the process of moving into this apartment in some falling apart building in a crazy dysfunctional city, mainly because apparently I had just landed some reporting job at a big city newspaper. The craziest part though is that in this apartment I have a bunch of roommates, like 10+ and they’re all girls! The one girl is giving me the tour (presumably the one who posted the vacancy), and all the others are eyeballing me with varying degrees of interest and/or concern (like “seriously I’m living with a dude?!” either in frustration or excitement depending on the girl and her feelings about the end of the taco party) 😂 The most notable thing about the apartment itself is that it’s virtually falling apart. There are holes in walls exposing pipes and beams, there are curtains and tarps hanging as needed where walls should be or once were. I finally get settled and start unpacking, but there is no privacy, I’m literally sharing a room with one or more people wherever I go. Even when I go to shower, one of the girls is basically standing on the opposite side of one of the tarps basically waiting for me to strip down to peep the goods. I seem to have accepted that this is my new reality at this point cuz I decide to just give her the full monty without batting an eyelash 😂 I can tell after the shower what the primary topic of conversation has been since 😅 I try to ignore any murmurs about my manhood as I have to get to work for orientation. Turns out one of the girls works in the same building, so she offers to drive me in/show me the ropes of the inner city/parking, etc... We get there and it’s a total shit show. The building seems to be, if it’s at all possible, in even worse shape than the apartment building I now live in. In some places I literally have to army crawl to get into a records room or an office in that part of the building. The lower levels seem to somehow blur the line between what is a part of the facility and what is a part if the public sewer system 😨 Like “will I be encountering a crocodile on my break?” WTH?! Turns out the girl who drove me, who works for the company that leases the office space in the building and surrounding buildings, is actually one of the ones who is happy about her new living arrangements 😎 She also happens to be one of the ones who gets off on sex in public. She ultimately corners me in one of the semi-secluded storage rooms while I’m on my way back up from the dungeons and proceeds without hesitation to pull out my cock and give the most enthusiastic head of my life, like she’s auditioning for a porn, because when I cum she doesn’t stop, she just keeps going, like she wants to make sure she gets every last drop and that I’m clean as a whistle when she’s done 😵 I die... or at least I assume so because that’s when I wake up... and change my underwear 😂 Awesome dream 👍