I teach a chimp how to swim!

Date: 8/15/2019

By Scott71

I've apparently travelled to, or am on vacation in, someplace tropical. It's warm and there are palm trees, etc. I'm alone, and I'm at a market of some kind. As I'm walking along, I spot this stand that has a little pen attached to it. I take a closer look, and in the pen are two chimpanzees dressed in, for lack of a better term, Hawaiian clothes. One, which I'm assuming is the female, is wearing a grass skirt. The other is wearing a flower print shirt and shorts, I'm guessing this one is the male. I'm not sure why, but I go ahead and buy the male chimpanzee (cost me 25 bucks). He holds on to my finger and we walk out of the market and down the street toward the hotel I'm staying at. As we walk down the street, I notice that no one reacts, or even looks up...like it's perfectly normal for a guy to walk down the sidewalk with an ape. (I distinctly remember noticing this, and thought it was odd..maybe a little suspicious...it deeply bothered me for some reason) Now I'm sitting in a room with this chimp, and showing him photos of random things... It's almost like I'm interrogating him, but I'm actually trying to teach him what these things are. He seems to be fascinated by a picture of a swimming pool, and I keep saying to him, "Pool". Now we are in an elevator going down to the lobby. We walk out the back door and there are two huge swimming pools. The chimp goes nuts! There's a bunch of people partying at the pool on the right, and a guy offers me a beer (he called it a "pool beer"). He's like, "Hey man, want a pool beer!?" I laugh and take the beer from him...it's warm. So I take the chimp over to the pool on the left, and start teaching him how to swim. He loves it, and is swimming around in no time! We go back in to the room, and now I'm looking for a towel. I open a closet door, and a big, heavy, old-school plastic suitcase falls off the top shelf and hits me in my right arm. (At this point I woke up in pain...my right arm hurt for about 5 minutes or so after the dream!... weird!)