Asian Wars, Painting, Flying, Rejected Airbnb Pt. 2

Date: 6/29/2017

By mooncreature

Part 2 out of 2 ------------------------------------------------------ We all camped inside a hangar on a small island where we hang the paintings dry. None of us spoke anything. I noticed the lady is warming the little kid. I realized the little kid is a boy now. I swallow some of the water in my mouth and i spat them out. Suddenly i flew feets above the air. When i dropped down on the earth, the professor helped me clean myself and the lady looked like she knew something. She exclaimed the lake's water is a gift, like some folklore. She said a man named Sangkuriang gifted the owner of this mountain (the mountain God??) a gift of lake water because the mountain God didnt know what to do with this big area. Sangkuriang made this now lake area with large body of water. The mountain God was shocked at first because the idea of making it into a housing development came too late (wtf yes a nature God planning a housing development) and now the area is already flooded. The mountain God wasnt happy but Sangkuriang was really pleased with his own gift (wtf indeed). The lady said since it was a gift, the water must be a blessing. So i put the water into the plane, and blew it and the plane flew a few meters next thing we know was we were on the plane, getting out of the island, and blowing the shit out of me, blowing the red water sooo hard to keep the plane up. We left the paintings on the island. We climbed the sky gradually and then hanging on the air, I saw a highway, a train track to be exact. I swooped right under the sky train tracks and the tracks were covered with beautiful wild flowers. And the sun was setting a golden, yellowish light through the spaces between the rails of the train tracks. On the left side of the sky train tracks were this floating houses, regular houses like the ones in the ground but floating really really far from the ground. One of the window was opened and inside i saw beds arranged in row. I assumed it was a hostel. I flew a little bit further and saw there was another window with two ladies inside, one looked like a Chinese old lady and the other one looked younger, like her assistant. I asked to the lady how much we should pay to stay here. She mentioned a price and the professor swore. He said the price is bullshit. He told me to show my airbnb establishment through an app in my ipad (i suddenly had an ipad...) I showed her how cheap but well designed my airbnb apartment was and the professor pointed out that her hostel looked like a pigsty but she gave an expensive price. She was angry. She said she's also putting it up on airbnb and nobody had ever complained. She shut the window tight and we were rejected to spend the night. lol i woke up then.