Stuck in Mexico

Date: 4/6/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was dropped off and I was trying to find my way home and so I started climbing a mountain. It took me a long time and when I reached the top, there was Hispanic people in a neighborhood. I spoke in Spanish and asked a lady where was I, she said i was in Mexico! I was scared because I didnt want to get kidnapped. I went into a really old hotel place that was falling apart. Even the toilet paper was decades old. I saw my friend Christian Cruz there and so I felt safe and stayed with his group of friends for a few nights until I was able to get back home. The scene changed and I was getting a bike at the bike store but then I went to a different hair style store and I found a cooler bike. I bought that one too and was planning on returning the other one. The scene changed again and I was in the bathroom and my mom and my brothers were all in there talking. I felt uncomfortable cuz I was on the toilet as they were asking me questions about the computer and we were just having regular conversations. It was a pretty weird dream.