The Bird People Dream

Date: 8/25/2019

By dwalyn

I was sent to hang out with the twins and then i had to walk through the “bird portal” and when i walked through all you could see was a poor world where there was obvious poverty and all the houses looked abandoned. Then walked to this shack that was barely standing and went in. The twins and Maycee were sitting on the floor and playing a very old worn out board game where you couldn’t really tell what was on it. They hugged me and told me they loved me and i asked them why they were here and they said that once you go through the bird portal you can’t go back so then i was stuck there. They said they lived in this house because it was abandoned. It didn’t have any electricity and they didn’t have any beds. There were 2 recliners facing a wall and then in their bedroom there was a pile of blankets on the floor that they said was where they sleep. Then i asked them if they had any food and they said no because they’re trying to save their money and make it last by only eating as much as they had to. I pulled put my money and sat $6 in front of us (we were sitting on the pile of blankets now) and Audriana pulled out 3$ and Lorelie pulled out some change. They told me they mostly have to steal food and then Audriana took out a loaf of bread and split it up between us. We started eating and then all of a sudden a huge foot went through our window. Then the kids said that the big people were here and then a huge head looked into our window and i woke up