Naruto 🙏🏽

Date: 5/23/2017

By Neyonka

I was dreaming about anime Naruto. I was Deidara (I do not know why boy, when I'm girl 😂). But I had the Tsunade's abilities (medical techniques and superhuman strength 💪😎) I do not know what exactly this dream was about. 😒 We were somewhere in a big garage, between big stones. All people of them were ninjas, but divided into two groups. Everybody was arguing. And they were throwing smaller stones to other people. Just me (like Deidara)- I lay on big stone and I did not care 😆 When somebody threw a big stone into me, I broke it with one finger.👆🏻😛 Just like Tsunade.😂 I do not remember who the other ninjas were, but I know that one in the enemy group was Hidan.😅 But from some point we were friends and finally we got both groups together, no more enemies 😀 Weird dream really 😂