Uh ship, drinking game, photos

Date: 6/26/2017

By pheeniealexandra

On a ship that was like a large gray cube and I was dressed like a pirate and there were kids from eckerd, my girlscout troop, and women from oitnb. And there was a weird drinking game happening with vodka and orange juice and Julia Davidson and Morgan mason were filling up these tubs with the drink and then you also put a full drink at the bottom of the tub. Or you could drink this drink that got you high and it was nicknamed zombie and it slowed your heart rate down super slow it was a depressant and you like almost die on it. So we docked the ship at my beach house and we run down to the water which is more swampy than ocean-y. And I'm taking to savannah and Delaney about the Fourth of July and how that'll be fun and then I notice a really pretty sunset behind me and this giant library that looked like a cobble stone castle thing. And there's an adult photography class where everyone is lined up face to face taking photos of each other and I run by and they take photos of me and I'm getting kinda lost in the castle and then the sunset is gone and I turn around and it's on the other side? So I take pics and then I walk down these stairs where there's a little inset with a window and sea glass underneath and try to get both the window and the sea glass in and it's hard and then I look away and look back and then the sea glass is gone. Then Boo from oitnb yells at me to get back on the ship and I run back. And then I wake up.