Webkinz game, Guy pees on girl at the beach (plot twist)

Date: 3/21/2019

By levinelover

Gave us all the skills we needed besides cards to play the webkinz game except we only had 4 cards each which is 20 cards not 50 so we couldn’t play, they were upset we took 4 at a time instead of one from a psychologists office. We explained the psychologist told us it was absolutely fine it wasn’t even our idea that the psychologists got into our heads. She’s black and laughed saying her standards bar won’t go down and her guys keep getting hotter and hotter. She was gonna have sex with him in the beach it was a decent looking black guy, he loooved her body she has great boobs and ass. They were in the sand, first she took off her shirt and we could all see her side boob and some people depending on the angle could see her nipples. Then she took the bottom off and I could see her giant ass, ass hold and all the holes. He pulled out his dick and started to pee on her, his dick was huge! It also looked white but I never noticed. Neither of them minded him peeing all over her she just wanted it inside her. Then he dick got longer and longer until it was revealed that it wasn’t a dick at all! He pulled out a water gun that was sucking water out of the ocean to make it look like he was peeing in her (the water gun was shaped as a penis)