Date: 3/26/2017

By Rigby

I'm in a house. I'm frightened. I think I was being beaten. I escape through a window. I go in through a different window. Some friends I know in real life are there. I'm a boy. They still know me, and that is okay. I grab my brother and a friend that I don't know in real life. He is tall. I believe his name is Aiden. He has black or brown hair. I tell him we need to go, now. We leave the house. As we run down the block, we see a red school bus go by. I tell them both to run the opposite direction. As we do, the bus explodes. I hold onto them both, and we keep running, but everywhere I try to hide seems to have propane tanks nearby. We can't hide there, or they'll explode. Finally, we seem to find a safe house. We all run inside. The woman who owns it says only 2 out of the 3 of us can be in there. I let my brother in, and I tell Aiden to go in. He refuses, covered in black ash, and says I have more reason to exist than he does. I think I love him in that moment, but I also hate him for making it hard. I tell him to please, come in the house. He starts to walk off, I run out and push him inside the house. I slam the door. He looks upset and afraid. He begs me to please get in, I deserve it more. The woman who owns it let's me in, and lets Aiden stay. I hug him. He holds me. There is a mention of blood or tooth money. I'm unsure what it means. I cry, but not much. I must be strong. Aiden is covered in thick black ash.