Church ride there and back

Date: 8/2/2017

By tiafaithberger

I wanted to go to church and I didn't have a ride and so I asked Abigail's mom to bring me and so she did and once it was over there was these trucks selling things to the kids like soveniers and candy and it was at night time and raining and I saw Cordell down the street but I couldn't see his face but I knew it was him and he was surrounded by little kids and the setting was like in a movie and the church was like a townhall place with big poles and stuff so I thought that Abigail's mom would bring me home but she couldn't but she could bring me to her house but I said no that I could figure something out because if she took me to her house I would be farther away from my house. So I said bye to Abigails mother and she smiled and said goodbye and hugged me. Then I waited and I called my brother gunner to come get me but he couldn't but my mom could so I was waiting and waiting and then my cousin Lilli came and said she would bring me home but then disappeared after I was coming toward her and my brother was there instead and as a was walking to his car I said by to Cordell and got in. That is all I remember but something else happened were I was running away from something but I can't remember