Worst Nightmare I've Ever Had

Date: 7/12/2017

By LainiT

Started out as a school field trip, then a bunch of guys with weapons came onto the bus and the setting changed to an open expanse like the nerf fight place but the blocks were the backs of school bus seats but even though it was as open as possible it still felt as small and entrapping as the school bus would've, it still was a school bus at some points. Then all I remember is fear as the guys walked through the aisle(s) one of them had an off set spatula that was dripping with blood and he looked like his skin was too small for him, but at the same time it was falling off and looked like bandages like a mummy would have, he was a monster, stabbing students for no reason, just because they looked at him or made a single sound. At one point I saw a girl in front of me with a pizza cutter just in the side of her head. Not sticking straight out but like against the skull so sticking up, you know? We were in the parking lot of a pizza place/restaurant/kids play place. The kid beside her poked it and the noise she let out, I don't think I'll ever be able to forget. One kid tried to make a run for it and was stabbed through the ribs. Eventually they just left and the bus driver tried to leave but I noticed Coba wasn't there so I asked to go back to find her and he said no but I asked again and he turned back. Apparently the guys took like somewhere between 3 to 15 kids, I don't remember. But they all died, the guys killed them all. When we got back to the place the bus driver parked in the parking lot for a movie theater promoting cars 3. I ran inside with Tera for some reason, she was only there a second. I asked a random person in the restaurant where Coba was and all of the people pointed to the corner of the room with the doors to the outdoor tables and her body was just there I went and cried on the screen door for a second, then the glass door moved and I saw coba walking to a table, I looked at that table and she was just sitting there, I said but you died and cried harder, she said no it's okay I'm okay it's okay sweetie. And we hugged while we cried. And then we tried to find our way to the bus but the movie theater was just kinda gone so we got this thing that let us fly and there was like five minutes real time and like an hour dream time where I was just trying to fly the goddamn thing, it was like a parachute that went up too. The thing I remember most clearly about this part is skimming across the water, my legs getting caught in the strings and straps, and being over a sea. after a while there were buildings popping up, then I saw a movie theater promoting cars 3 so I landed there and it wasn't the right theater but Coba and Devon were there so it was okay. we walked out the front door and walked around a few corners and found the right place, walked in and it was like a month later the upper floor was gone as that was the place 3-15 kids were tortured and killed, and there were people everywhere eating pizza. I walked up to a table where the were doing crafts and saw a staff member making what looked like 3-15 body shaped lumps, we asked about what she was doing and i dont remember exactly what was going on but they were disrespecting the experience we went through and i asked if they were honoring the dead and she just didn't say anything so I said in a voice that I never thought could come out of me and almost scared me with its hollow stone cold emotionless and anger and hatred filled sound, then do what you want. and went over to a table with coba Devon and some girl I don't really remember, we were talking about what to do about that, I don't remember what anyone said or what the disrespectful staff had posted but it made me so angry I almost exploded. apparently the staff had gotten Obama involved and he was president somehow. my friends told me I had to speak to stop what was happening and i cried and the girl I didn't know handed me a hair tie to play with it was pink with a blue almost black swirl and i played with it while thinking I had no right to be as traumatized as I was because coba had gone through so much more and then I started imaging what could have been happening to her and cried myself awake. once awake I spent an hour trying to calm myself down and forget about the dream and then when i forgot a part I cried because it still hurt even though I couldn't remember it, so I wrote it down.