02 feb 2017

Date: 2/2/2017

By verisiel

i was with my parents walking downtown, around granville area. Grassed area with people with long hair, they had a horse. I was intrigued, yet shy and embrarssed. A beautiful young man with long sandy blonde hair looks at mea lot. He looks after me when I walk away. Dont know how but I meet up with the group again later, just me and dania(?). He is there and we all start to speak to each other, I have no idea what. Somehow we get to a grassy area, and we all sit down. It is evening now. I lay down on my left side with my legs bent and my chest and head facing up at the sky, but I was looking at the guy. He was sitting by my legs, with his right hip against my bum. He leans on my hip, relaxed. It feels like we are comfortable w each other and this is a very relaxed yet intimate way to sit. I felt blissful.