The End of the World

Date: 5/14/2017

By LainSol

There was a worldwide broadcast sent out to everybody saying that there was a meteor coming to the earth that would collide because the distraction of earth and everything on it. Some people got to leave it a rocket. Mom, Andria, Alex, and Ava (my siblings) were some of those people. Dad and I just went with them to say goodbye and watch them leave. We went back home after that. It was quiet. Everything was so quiet. We eventually just decided to watch The Middle and be comfortable until the end came. There was one lady that had been making YouTube videos about how the end of the world would come, but it wouldn't be that bad. She was a Christian. She acted like she just knew that everything would be okay. I watched her videos just to make myself feel a little better. She gave people hope. She made them smile. Too bad that didn't work for me. After watching some episodes of The Middle, I just went outside to think about everything. I was with Gracie (my little dog). It was winter because I remember the trees being bare and little to no leaves were on the ground. We walked along the edge of the forest. As we were doing this, I saw that there was a little cardinal nest with babies in it. I tried really hard to be happy at the site. I tried to be happy about anything. I just wanted to forget what was happening. The woman on YouTube that I mentioned earlier had been giving speeches around the world telling everybody that this wasn't really the end. In a way, she was right. This is my dream. After hearing her say those things, I wondered if I was supposed to be a Christian. Was that why it was my dad and I left behind while the rest of the family just flew away from Earth? "There's no point in worrying about the end. That won't accomplish anything. There's nothing we can do because it's just going to happen anyway." That's what Dad had said to me. The worst thing about this dream is that it felt real. We knew that there was nothing we could do, so we didn't do anything. We didn't have any chance of survival, and the only thing we could do was count down the hours, minutes, seconds to the end.