Random tidbits

Date: 4/3/2019

By supaninja007

I remember being in my office cafe at night. I see an old buddy of mine from my old neighborhood. Hammy we’ll call him. I yelled and said wasssuppp. And yelled the street name we grew up on. I asked him if he could do the teleportation thing I knew how to do cuz I’m Muslim??? I then proceed to teleport and end up at a bus station with another coworker sitting their looking all sad. He told me he was catching up on old football. Then said he’s going to meet my friend Monica. Have no clue how he knew her but I assumed he wanted to have the sexy times. I walked away and felt bad I couldn’t give him a ride to where he wanted to go since I teleported. The last thing I remember is being at McDonalds drive through with another coworker who I’ve literally never talked too. I’ll call him Sor. He orders two cheeseburgers and some sauce. I exclaim they’re charging hella cash for some sauce. That’s all I remember.