I have a crush on my class's TA

Date: 6/6/2019

By Ainsley_dreamz

in this dream I was in a class working on some sort of paper. We had a TA who was about 2 years older than us. She was kind of short and had red hair. She didn't look like anyone that actually goes to my school. I started to notice that I kept staring at her. My face turned bright red. A classmate asked "Ainsley, are you alright? Your face is bright red" and I just said "I don't know." All of a sudden the girl walked up to me and said that she was getting stuff for a teacher but accidentally got three instead of two and she asked if I wanted one. "S-sure," I replied. She brought me over to the door and said "wait here." She's came back with a box of candy in her hands and a bouquet of roses. I was blushing a lot at this point but also smiling a lot. "Oh thank you so much" I told her and then entered the classroom again. My friends kept going "aw" and I think even broke out in applause at one point?😂 But yea my dreams have been like 50% gayer now that pride month has started😂✌🏻