Date: 8/20/2019

By bigdreamer

I was on a trip with some of my friends to a place up the coast on a beach that also had places to climb. We each had a buddy and it was nearing the end of our week-long trip. I had all my stuff packed up to go on the bus the next day and I wanted to go climbing as a final thing to do. So my friend and I went out to the climbing wall and one of the ladies who ran the climbing wall helped belay me. It was going well and at the end the climbing instructor was teaching me how to self belay a little bit and suddenly she got really thirsty so she put all of the ropes in a secure position-she thought and went to get water, a second later my friend also got really thirsty and went down the hill to get water. Suddenly I plummeted down the hillside and I screamed for help but I couldn't really well. Out of the blue a golf cart came around the hillside and another instructor and another one of my friends deduced that I probably had a broken nose and a punctured lung. They weren't taking it very seriously and didn't make me go on a stretcher, and when we got to the small hospital they made me walk to the waiting room which I found really weird that I could. I called my dad and he kept saying to not get treatment until I got back, and somehow he didn't understand the severity of a punctured lung combined with a broken nose which is very hard to breathe with. So I turned off the call and went into the exam room with the doctor, he said "we can stabilize the lung enough and put the nose in place so you can go home tomorrow". The end.