Water park of panic?

Date: 1/21/2019

By beewags88

I was at some kind of water park. Took my cousins in a store to buy water shoes but ended up getting them each floaties. There was a machine to pump them so they did and then I was grabbing pop when I was done they were gone. I went to the register to pay and told them I also had 3 floaties and they said they had to scan them. I went back to Find them and they were sold out. The lady said it was stealing and she’d call the police. I kept trying to call my cousin to see if they were with her but my phone (a super old flip phone) wouldn’t work. I finally talked to a manager and explained what they looked like in detail and he confirmed those were his so he let me pay. When I left I couldn’t find where my family was sitting I kept going to different areas. I ran into my cousin angel who was just jogging. I asked her why she wasn’t swimming and she said the main lady who was running the trip said we couldn’t swim. I told her that was wrong and she could do what she wanted. Then she started crying and said her daughter wasn’t going to remember me and asked me to babysit on mondays. I agreed. We passed some military agents exercising. Then I woke up.