Litter Box Ghost Cat

Date: 2/22/2017

By e6life

I was with my now deceased cat, Lizard (yes, it is a weird name). He was still alive in my dream. Although, he was clinging to life still. I recall staying next to him late at night. I didn't want him to die alone. While I waited for his time to come, I worked on sewing this doll that I'd apparently been making. Eventually, Liz passed and my dream sort of fast forwarded to a point in the near future. For whatever reason, Liz hadn't actually left when he died. His spirit had possessed the closest object to him at the time. In this unfortunate case, it was the litter box. The cat litter would gather and compress into his form and he would walk out of the box with his previous, if not dusty and gritty, appearance. He acted just as he always had when he was younger: cheerful and friendly, longing for attention. Once he tired, he returned to the litter box and his body broke back down into litter. I remember one of my other cats actually using the litter afterwards. It wasn't until later in my dream that my aunt visited, explaining that when something dies, if anyone is creating something (whether it would be sewing, painting, baking, etc.), the spirit of the deceased won't be able to pass on and will attach itself to the closest object. *All of this is completely untrue, I would imagine. Now, I obviously forgot to take my evening meds the previous night as I always dream weird dreams like this. Still, it was nice to see Lizard again.)