Date: 8/5/2017

By SeeksInferno

This was a slightly vivid dream I had some time ago but only just now remembered to upload. It was reminiscent of Resident Evil 7. I was a small child, however I was also a walking biological weapon. If you ever played RE7, you'll know that the child in the game, Eveline, would sort of corrupt people around her, and turn them crazy. My situation was slightly different as the people around me would just straight up die and their corpses would shrivel and turn black and gross. I can only remember one vision from this dream and that's my mother holding my hand and walking me out of school. In my dream, she was working with the company that "made" me, and my power had gotten out of hand. So I had to die. As we were walking through the school I notice the lighting and atmosphere is very dark and scary, and the floors are covered all around with dead decaying shriveled bodies. We're walking, and I asked my mother, "Am I gonna die mommy?" And that's all I remember before waking up feeling pretty sad. If it was hard to understand this, go on the Resident Evil 7 Wiki and look at the character Eveline. Her powers were similar to mine in this dream.