Date: 4/8/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was out with my family all day and we were pretty far from home. We were really close to this guys neighborhood so I begged my dad to let me see him cuz I haven't seen him in like a year. We went to his dad's house and my dad waited in the car. I knocked on the door and he was surprised to see me. Earlier when he texted me, he told me that he kissed a bunch of girls during truth and dare but he didn't like it. I was pretty upset about that. So I went inside and we talked for a while. I said hi to his dad and I was starting to leave. We were standing next to the doorway now and I forgot what he said but I know I said something about how I was mad about him kissing a bunch of girls. He closed the door on me and I was hurt. Then he opened the door again and hugged me for like 5 minutes and said he missed me and he was glad to see me. Very confusing We were on the drive home and he texted me saying stuff like wow you look so beautiful, the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I was taken aback cuz I looked like shit in my dream. Plus I was still mad at him. Then I woke up