Horrible Terrorist Attacks

Date: 7/16/2017

By ace200

I started out as a man, and I was with a women and another man. We were in an airport and knew that attacks were coming from other groups onto our group, which was like a hundred people we were with. Every time we saw a white paper airplane come down from the sky, we would run because we knew that meant bombs were coming and they did. Luckily I survived the first attack by hiding behind something, and I went from a man to myself. The other man and the women turned into my friends Ashlee and Caitlyn. Ashlee is super smart and was good at hiding us during attacks. It was just so scary to see that white paper plane come down and have to run for dear life. I remember waking up pretty scared because it was so real and people around me were dying and unhappy. I realized how great my life is and how happy I was I was safe in bed, I wanted to cry tears of joy.