Spirit Transferred to Waking World

Date: 2/5/2017

By swen8182

The dream starts out in Florida having fun with friends at a party. My brother and some friends from his high-school class. My girlfriend, Maddy, and I decided to leave tongo to the AirBnB we rented. At first it seems really nice. We enter through the front door leads directly to the basement which has retro decor. That 70's show style. We are both saying how cool it is and then I notice a small door that is located beyond the washing machine is shaking. After Maddy leaves the basement and goes up the stairs, I work up enough courage to open the door. There is a loud noise, a roar, and a brief gust of wind. I see a spirit ,rush past me. I seemed to have released a trapped spirit but somehow I get the sense that the spirit is happy now that it has been released. We continue to tour the house which is quite big. I tell Maddy what happened and now she is quite scared. The next two rooms seem fine although there is no furniture which seems very odd and gives off a very creepy vibe. The next thing I know there is a witch in the hallway that I seem to be able to control. I now think that it is a fake haunted house. The last room is the attic and the only way to get up to the attic is to climb a ladder. There are all sorts of ghostly noises coming from the attic. Maddy does not want to climb up but I assure her that it is just fake. We climb up. It is a super chill nice spot with pillows and a great view of the neighborhood outside. We relax for a bit and then I notice another small door in the back of the room. I decide to open it, thinking that it is a fake haunted house. Once again there is a howl and a gust of wind. I see a spirit rushing toward me but this time it grabs onto me. I awake with the feeling that I have brought something back with me and the spirit is now in the waking world.