Egyptian Princess turned vampire part 2

Date: 1/23/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I woke up and my husband was holding me from behind and we were naked together and he kisses my neck and I moan lighty than he presses his body on me and I feel him as he starts to hard and I think to myself oh wow he feels so good and am also thinking morning sex the best way to wake up than I open my eyes and they are red I need blood but I am not going to kill my husband not going to happen I am going to let us have sex than once we are done I need to get up and find some blood I need some animal blood. So we end up having morning sex than he sleep for alittle bit more and I get up and I feel the cold air on my naked body and my nipples go hard and I shiver I find one of my robes and wrap myself in it and I wrap my arms around myself and I head to find the kitchen in this big palace I live in so when I find the kitchen I smell Blood and my eyes go red and I sink my teeth into the meat And suck out all the blood before the chiefs comes back and my red eyes go away and the meat has turned into jerky I heard them say hat happened to juicy meat 🍖 that was for the Pharoah my father. I had back to my room and my husband is up and getting dressed for work " where did you go honey?" He asked me "oh I had to get something to eat I did not eat a whole lot yesterday " My husband has heading to a meeting with my father and the generals. I wake up Aero and cuddle with him and feed him and give him milk 🍼. Than I woke up