Froot Loops + Tom and Jerry jazz club??

Date: 2/11/2017

By saraa

Scene 1: I was in my kitchen with my mom, my dad, and my sister. My dad was eating Froot Loops. On the back of the box there was a little cut out thing. My dad cut out the box and it made 2 little pentagonal monkeys with velvet tops. He loved them. I took them apart so I could reassemble them, and my dad for really sad. He loved those dolls. SCENE CHANGE: Scene 2: I was in a jazz club, and the jazz band consisted of tom and jerry (the cartoons). Tom played the harp and jerry played the trumpet. As they were playing (trying to steal each other's spotlight), tom pressed his body into the harp, and somehow made the shape of a cartoon lion. A crowned lion in the audience pointed to himself (gesturing, "who, me?"), and the lion in the harp (tom) nodded, as if to say, "yes, you." They touched paws, and the real lion left. Then, with jerry still playing trumpet all over the place, tom goes into the harp and becomes a naked girl (about my age, but not me) highlighted in light blue (like a hologram). She was small-to-medium-breasted, she had long brown hair, and she had either dark brown or piercing blue eyes. She was walking like a bear, the shape of which engulfed her (she was inside the bear). The bear was a light green hologram. The gentlemen in the room were fascinated, but I was disgusted by their lust because I saw her as a kindred spirit and a possible friend. Maybe if she was open to it, something more could come of the relationship, but that was not my intention. She might not even like girls. I was getting ahead of myself-- I didn't even know this girl yet. Then I realized that all this time this "girl" was still tom in the harp, and not a real girl. I was disappointed. I left the club wanting to know where this girl came from and how I could meet her again not through the form of a cartoon cat. Then I woke up.