Dreams of Old New Orleans

Date: 9/24/2019

By VoodooQueen91

In my dream from last night, I was in New Orleans, Louisiana. Which is ironically where I'm from. However instead of it being modern New Orleans it was around the late 1800s. I was in a kitchen of sorts dealing with herbs and such. I was a local witch, but not as well known as the one and only Marie Laveau. This man came in to the kitchen where i was working and ask for something to help him with the ache he felt in his heart for a special woman. Come to find out that woman was me. This man was infatuated with me. He was sweet to me and made sure I was safe from any harm. He was very supportive of my craft even though he did not practice. When I woke up this morning I realized that the man in my dream favored my husband a LOT. My husband is not from Louisiana but this man in my dream was. Ironically my husband also does not practice witchcraft, wicca, or any form of paganism, same as the man in my dream.