David/Noah dog entity possession

Date: 3/25/2019

By snails

Dream starts with me and Noah but his name is David? It’s definitely Noah’s face, body, beard, penis, etc but his name is David/Noah and not just Noah. We’re in an apartment complex just fucking. (Stemmed from thinking about having sex with David / masturbating thinking about David) Like really hard and it’s super great. We’ve been Fucking on an off all day. We had sex in a pool which is gross, then had sex in the grass at night in public which was kind of sexy. We keep getting interrupted and have to stop fucking and it’s so annoying. I think we’re getting interrupted by our roommate?? Idk who it is but it happens several times. Suddenly the whole world is being possessed by these weird hell hound demons that just have to blow air at you and you get it (stemmed from Star Trek episode I watched with dad where an entity possesses the crew and Bones has to tranquilize them to get the entity out and stuff) me and David-Noah are hiding out in our apartment but the thing breaks down the door. Noah escapes, I pretend to get possessed then have to fake growl and snarl and stuff. In hindsight it’s funny. Anyway, walking around outside growling and talking with my new girlfriends who are trying to possess me and bring me to their overlord. I run into Noah and am expencted to attack him- I chase him down and around a corner where I tell him just to pretend that I got him. We realize we have a moment of alone time behind this building and I literally have to give him a handie or I’ll die I’m so sexually frustrated. /skip ? Talking to guy who approves everybody getting through purgatory into ?? The demon underworld — it’s Maddy’s father Kelly Anderson. So the situation is funny he calls me up from my interview in front of everybody and it goes well. He calls up Noah to join me for my interview because everybody knows we were a problematic duo — avoiding the attacks, fucking in public, fighting in public, just generally having drama during the take over. And he asks Noah about it — we realize the best way to avoid suspicion is to act like we’ve broken up or are fighting really bad and don’t want to be near each other. Still pretending to have had the entity in us. Crowd laughing / booing at our answers to Kelly’s questions. I wake up.