Poor Princess

Date: 3/8/2017

By ALPHAwolvezz

I was at this fancy palace and I seemed to be around 6 years old and everyone including me were either prince's or princesses. But I was the only one who was poor with royal blood. Everyone was sitting on individual tables which were decorated so elegantly and fancy yet my table seemed so sad with a rickety table, no table cloth and with only a simple cup and plate sitting infrount of me I didn't even have a proper chair I was sitting on a small wooden box. The boy I was talking to earlier who was unaware of my poor status looked at me with such pity while other kids snickered and made quick teases at me while the supervisor was not looking. After I went into a third person view of the boy who I was talking to earlier, he seemed to be staring at something out the window and giggling to himself. The boys around him question what he was laughing at but as he ignored them they then went to the window he was looking out and it was me beating the crap out of the people who were making fun of me before. The boys who had just turned to look out at me started making heaps of noises saying things like "what does she think shes doing? isn't she suppose to be a princess" the boy who was orginally watching turned to them and told them to keep it down our else they are gonna catch the supervisors attention.