Minecraft Chick

Date: 1/26/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I met this chick on minecraft, I thought this was gonna turn out to be another Faith (ugly chick, shallow, I know). Turns out, she was the complete opposite, I was outside on a pedestrian walk and I saw a few girls, I knew one of them was probably her but which one. I started looking for the ugliest one because I don't keep my hopes up with gamer girls anymore. Word of advice : don't trust the voice, it may sound sexy, but its a trap! But then I looked at this one girl, she was Spanish, and god she was beautiful! And to my luck, she was the girl! We talked, and things escalated from there. I think I remember her not being able to speak English at first and only Spanish and we were both trying really hard to understand each other, at the same time being attracted to one another. I was suddenly in a different place but didn't realise it in the dream. I was with that girl, and my friends. I introduced her to them and no one would believe that I found her, like shit she really isn't your average beauty. I think I remember Jakes face light up and he was so fucking amazed with me, he was smiling too, I made Jake proud :D Then I Woke Up. I know there was more to this dream.. Sadly I cannot remember. I just remembered, in my dream I think I was watching porn and masturbating to it?.. Well I mean there are better things to remember but I guess this works too.