Strange castle dream

Date: 4/27/2019

By Klui_Joesween

There was this dream where my team of friends and I were in this place that acted like a lion pride where there’s only one or two males and the rest are females. When the male was randomly selecting his next female, we desperately hoped it wouldn’t be us. Then the dream shifted when we wouldn’t comply to his rules and he became this tall evil lady that wanted us dead. We hid in this castle with a magical train that could fly around her castle and only stopped when you told it you wanted to go home. It would take you to the safe castle and fill your health bar. Eventually I became Alex from Unwanteds and did something to upset the evil lady so she sentenced me to death the next morning by giant hammer. So the rest of the day I spent running around her castle trying to gather information without being caught. One time I did get caught and they brought me to her main office/room where they gave me a stern look then ignored me. So naturally, I made myself some boiling pot of beans. Then I heard them mention that they weren’t going to do anything to me because they were executing me in the morning anyway. So I took my hot beans and flung them in everyone’s faces. They all looked startled and in slight pain at first(not as painful as I’d hoped cuz I think they tortured me at some point). Then they all started laughing a bit and consoling themselves that they’ll kill me later. (They were very keen on that) I gave them one last fling of my beans then dashed out the door to escape. (Mind you I never threw them at one girl because she was nice to me once) as I was running through the halls I got super lost and stumbled into this room with the creepy guards that all look exactly the same except one who is actually human and leads the rest. I heard something over the comms about chopping zippers? I saw that the guards all had a bunch of zippers so I started laughing when I thought about hand-chopping the head guard’s zippers. I chased after him and laughed hysterically when I finally reached him and gently chopped his chest where a zipper was. I doubled over laughing and the guy was giving me strange looks and finally asked why I was laughing(he was still ready to fight). I told him I hadn’t laughed in ages and it just seemed so funny that I misheard the comms telling me to “chop the zippers.”