Phenomenal Cosmic Power: Itty Bitty Living Space

Date: 2/11/2017

By Fitful

I was part of a secret organization. We regulated the emotional physical, and mental well being of a very small percentage of the population who weren't completely human in aid of keeping them content in their limited confines. In fact they were inside humans, wearing human suits, but were really demons. Or well if not demons creatures of such mass and power outside of their human suit they would be capable of swallowing the world. Think Jafar at the end of Aladdin with less malice and power lust. Same trigger finger though. It was like a job, but also an ancient secret organization dedicated to this endeavor. We posed as house cleaners for those well off enough to afford that. We were in a city which was apparently the capital of the world, it was like a cross between London and New York. It fuss full of bright primary colors, the city was. I was quite new, I had been doing the job for a bit then, but never given my own command. I was finally being given that privilege, and I was allowed to chose my partner. We visited headquarters, which was just a nice town house in the city, and I met quite a few really interesting characters. I wanted the guy with the beard, or someone else I specifically named. They didn't assign me who I wanted, even tho they said I could pick, they assigned me a woman, well girl, who was a somewhat like me. She was also timid, she worried they wouldn't take us seriously because of her small, heavily used broom. I told her to hide it in a bucket until they left for the day. She was okay I guess, we goofed off a lot on the way there. I rode a metal trashcan with wheels down the sidewalk of a very fancy neighborhood. She drove the cart with the cleaning supplies, it also had wheels, and we had a lot of fun. Without strict supervision we played at the house too, turned into mice and ran around, got into the kitchen (as humans) and pretended we were on this posh cooking show and made fun of their overly decadent cultured ways. They weren't home yet but we basically acted like teenagers with their first job. It was fun, freeing, if a bit (REALLY) rude. The couple who live there owned a lot of phalic decor. Literally there were sculptures, statues, pictures, dishes, of cock everywhere. We made fun of this too. They were a straight couple. I don't recall ever actually meeting them. I know the wife was black because with saw her picture and thought it was pretty but didn't know about her husband at all. Later there is a lesbian couple who dropped by a party, it might have been a posh night club. One of them works for us and the other is one of the ones regulated. The one who is one of us has to work suddenly and leaves. Her partner, the regulated, she spies an old flame, a man of middle age and balding who she loved fiercely as a college student. They hit it off and he is madly in love with her still. He begs her to leave her marriage and come back to him. She loves her partner but for some reason is swept up in the emotions and complies. Then, the next day she is back at the club, and when she goes up to him he laughs at her. Says it was a joke to get back at her for becoming a Dyke. I'm at headquarters with her partner who is laughing too, she is in on it. She didn't love her partner, the regulated, anymore and she set her up. Cut to the world going mad. It literally blows up, like the end of the world. A regulated exploded its human confines and it was tearing up the world in a vast wind. Our only hope was a split in the time stream, a circle crop of birch trees in the center of the city Park suddenly became our only chance, and the only hope of the world. If this new addition to the time stream didn't catch the world would break in two. It's was mostly lost in a vast red twister now. The twister was three times the world. A single regulated had completely‚Äč lost control of itself and its emotions.